Paintless Dent Repair Cost

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Pricing for paintless dent repairs depends on the number of damaged dents/dings and their width and depth. With multiple dents/dings, the cost is determined by the number of repairs spots per each panel of your vehicle.

This pricing guide should only be used to determine a preliminary estimate of your repair costs and is not a final estimate. We will provide a quote upon filling out the estimate form or upon seeing your vehicle in person.

Dent sizing

Nickel Sized
(or smaller)

  • $100-$150 Per Panel


  • $100-$180 Per Panel

Golf Ball

  • $125-$225 Per Panel


  • $150-$300 Per Panel


  • $175-$375 Per Panel


  • If you have more than 15 dents per panel, please contact us for an appointment to see your vehicle.
  • Any damage larger than a softball or hail damage requires a visual inspection and custom estimate.
  • Please note the largest sized dent in each group of dents on each panel determines the price for the respective panel. For example, if there are 5 dents on your hood, and the largest dent of the 5 is Quarter sized, then the cost to repair that hood panel would be $100-$125.

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Windshield repair in Glen Burnie

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