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Frequently Asked Questions

Determining how to remove a dent depends on how sharp or how deep the dent is and where it’s located. We suggest you always contact us and let one of our technicians inspect your damage first before you rule out PDR as a viable option.

Most repairs can be completed within 1- 4 hours. Hail damage can usually be fixed within 48 hours.

We warm the damaged area first then use special tools to gently push the metal back into shape, the trick is to know which tool and where to start. Rest assured, we like to focus on the “paintless” benefit of these repairs.

Generally no, unless the paint has already started to crack. During our pre-inspection, we will determine the condition of the damaged area and likelihood of additional paint “crackage.” We will alert you beforehand if this is a possibility.

Absolutely not. Once a dent has been removed properly with PDR, it never comes back.

Absolutely. When a used car looks good, whether you’re trading it in or selling it directly, a dent free vehicle looks well taken care of. Especially for vehicles you’re trading in, dealers will penalize you more for multiple dings and dents that they will repair versus your costs to repair them before the dealer appraises your car. Depending on your lease terms, it’s better to return your leased vehicle dent free to avoid penalties.

In most cases, no. But there are instances when it is necessary and we have special plugs for any hole we drill. Of course, we will get your permission first.

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